Bangalore Metro Units Host Interactive Workshop on “Understanding Dawat Deen: Why and How”

February 4, 2024

Introduction: In a bid to emphasize the concept of Dawat Deen among the cadre, Bangalore Metro’s Jayanagar BTM Road, Mysore Road, and Koramangala units collaboratively organized an insightful workshop titled “Why and How to Dawat Deen.” The interactive nature of the event attracted a significant number of cadre members who greatly benefited from the valuable insights shared during the workshop.

Program Overview: The interactive workshop served as a platform to explore the importance and methodologies of Dawat Deen. By bringing together diverse perspectives and encouraging discussions, the event aimed to enhance understanding and awareness of this crucial concept among the attendees.

Community Participation: The workshop witnessed active involvement from a large number of cadre members, reflecting the community’s eagerness to gain insights into Dawat Deen. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the significance of Dawat Deen and explore practical approaches on how to implement it effectively in their respective contexts.


Positive Impact: The positive response from participants underscored the success of the interactive workshop. Attendees left with enhanced knowledge and a deeper appreciation for the concept of Dawat Deen, fostering a sense of empowerment and community engagement.

Conclusion: Bangalore Metro’s collaborative effort in organizing the interactive workshop on “Why and How to Dawat Deen” showcased a commitment to facilitating meaningful discussions and knowledge-sharing among the cadre. As participants benefited from the insights shared during the workshop, it contributed to building a more informed and engaged community within the Bangalore Metro units.

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