Unprecedented Participation: Islamic Exam Conducted in 430 Centers Across Karnataka Draws Over 20,000 Students

February 4, 2024

In a monumental educational feat, the Islamic exam conducted by the Board of Islamic Education in Karnataka saw an overwhelming participation of over 20,000 students. This remarkable turnout spread across 430 examination centers throughout the state, showcasing a widespread commitment to Islamic education.

Details in Pictures:
Our web portal provides an extensive visual documentation capturing the enormity of this educational event. From the diverse landscapes of the 430 examination centers to the bustling activity within, the images offer a comprehensive view of the scale and significance of the Board of Islamic Education exam.

Community Engagement:
The sheer number of examination centers underscores the inclusive nature of the examination process, accommodating a vast array of students from different regions of Karnataka. The images vividly depict the diverse and engaged community that came together to participate in this collective pursuit of knowledge.

Celebrating Academic Excellence:
Beyond celebrating the students’ dedication, the visual coverage also acknowledges the efforts of educators and organizers who played a crucial role in orchestrating the exams across the 430 centers. The web portal aims to showcase the collaborative spirit and commitment to excellence within the Islamic education community.


The widespread participation across 430 examination centers in Karnataka highlights the importance and popularity of the Board of Islamic Education’s exam. This detailed visual representation not only celebrates the collective pursuit of knowledge but also pays tribute to the organizers and educators who contribute to the success of such a massive educational endeavor within the state.



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