Eid Milan Event Spreads Message of Unity and Harmony

April 20, 2024

The Eid Milan program organized by the JIH Bhadrawati Unit brought people together in a spirit of unity and respect. This event, celebrating the joyous occasion of Eidul Fitr for Muslims, highlighted the importance of being inclusive and understanding in India’s diverse communities.

In the opening remarks, Nazim Zilla Akramullah Sharif spoke about the significance of Eid and introduced the Jamaat-e-Islami organization. His speech was based on Islamic teachings about establishing unity and harmony in society.

Amir Maqami Moulana Sulatan Baig Muftahi spoke about the importance of prayer and equality. He said that when Muslims stand together to pray, there is no difference between rich and poor. All are treated as equals, standing side-by-side in rows to offer prayers.

The event also saw participation from non-Muslim brothers who expressed gratitude for being included in the Eid celebrations. They appreciated the gesture of involving all faiths to celebrate together.

To further the sense of bonding, the organizers served special biryani meals which everyone enjoyed together.

The Eid Milan program sent out a strong message of compassion, unity and inclusiveness – the core values of the Islamic faith. By bringing diverse communities together, the event promoted harmony and mutual respect in society.

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