Muslim Women Can Play a Role in the Renaissance of the Society: Women’s Conference Gulbarga

August 6, 2018


“Women make half the humanity. As the other half is nourished in her laps, it becomes incumbent on her to up bring and train them”. These were the words expressed by Mrs. Sajidunnisa Begam, State President, Women’s wing, Jamaat e Islami Hind Karnataka. She was delivering the Presidential Address at the Women’s Program on “The Role of Muslim Women in the Reconstruction of Family & Society” organized by Women’s wing of Jamaat e Islami Hind Gulbarga on Sunday the 5th August 2018 at Hidayath Center Gulbarga.

Continuing her address, she said women have great responsibilities to execute in their lives as a highly respected mother, ever loving wife, caring daughter and sister. Unfortunately, the present society has laden them with a number of customs and taboos in their social lives right from their birth through marriage to death. She said, It is unfortunate that the lavish expenditure in marriages, the trend of differentiating son with daughters, pitting one’s daughter against a daughter in law, evil effects of dowry, adoption of western culture, fashion, indecency, veil less robe, celebration of birth days, anniversaries, engagement ceremonies and the like have made them lose their sensitivity towards these un-Islamic customs. In such a scenario, it becomes our responsibility to uphold Islamic values and traditions.

Mrs. Sajidunnisa also said, to meet modern day requirements, women can play a supporting role in the family by choosing to serve in the field of medicine, teaching, home economics, and modern technology in addition to housekeeping.


She stressed on the fact that we had a beautiful past. Hence, we can have a bright future too. In order to achieve this Muslim Women should come forward in the renaissance of Muslims. Along with providing security to the households, she has a great role in upbringing a new generation to build a society in the right direction.

Mrs. Anjum Tabassum, KAS, Tahsildar (Probationer), DC Office, Gulbarga, speaking as the chief guest, said, “Woman in modern era is confronting a number of challenges. She needs better education and needs to learn techniques of self defense. Nowadays woman has put her steps into many professions. While performing her professional duty she also needs to balance it with her family responsibilities”. She also expressed her concern over the inappropriate use of mobile phones by the younger generation, specifically girls.

Dr. Kausar Parveen, M.A.,Ph.D, an Educationist, called upon people of the community to dilute differences between elders and the new generation with respect to values and character. She opined that, in order to bring this change parents need to perform their duties properly. And it would be the responsibility of children to respect them appropriately. She also expressed her concern over the fact that we are just emulating dressing code of the west which has made us think our dress to be indecent. She said though Muslim women are suppose to wear hijab. But that Hijab in the form of Burqa has become an object of attraction. She said, if we demand for our independence, we should also shed away with indecency.

Another guest Dr. Nazneen Fatima, Consultant, Al-Nisa Maternity, Gulbarga opined that the modern day women have been misguided. She is lagging behind in learning or gaining knowledge. Her sanctity is lost. She is ignorant about values and Islamic teachings. The society is confronting a number of issues. Need of the hour is, she said, we being women, should play our prime role as a mother, wife, daughter as bestowed by Islam.

The Program started with the recitation of Holy Quran and its translation. Mrs. Kausar Fatima, Dist Organizer, Women’s wing JIH Gulbarga introduced the audience the objectives of conducting the program and its importance. A large number of women attended the program.

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