Multi-Religious Press Conference: Rising Attrocities Against Women Condemned, Solution Proposed

July 24, 2014

???????????????????????????????Bangalore:The Karnataka Dharmika Sauharda Vedike(KDSV) a nonpolitical forum of religious heads initiated by the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Karnataka in 2006 with the objective of promoting moral values, eradicating social evils and ensuring peace, justice and communal harmony in the society held a multi-religious press conference in the backdrop of the recent uproar over sex crimes in the city on Thursday, 24th July 2014 at the Press club in Bangalore. Following is the press note issued as a solution to the recurrent problem.

We note with anguish the alarming rise in the incidence of sexual offences and other atrocities on women across the country. The gruesome and barbaric nature of the crime in cases that have been highlighted in the media recently – gang rape and hangings in UP, rape of a minor girl child, post graduate student and a student nun in Bangalore is highly detestable and loathsome. When humanity is over powered by animality the consequences can exceed all limits.

We join the public in unreservedly expressing shock and horror, in demanding stern punishment to the culprits and providing all help and speedy justice to the victims. However the problem is complex and deep rooted. What is highlighted by the media is only tip of the iceberg. We recommend to the society and government the following measures to tackle the issue in a more substantial way.

  1. In the interest of stable family and healthy society the institution of marriage should be promoted, made easy and protected. All forms of casual, free sex and extra marital liaisons should be discouraged.
  2. Pornographic sites on internet, mobile and social media should be banned. Vulgar and obscene advertisements on TV, hoardings and other media should be curtailed. These serve only to excite and mislead the youth towards crime in an already sexually charged atmosphere.
  3. Indecent and provocative dress in the name of fashion and culture should be discouraged.
  4. Prostitution, night clubs, gambling and alcohol – all play a role as inducements to sexual crimes and hence need to be banned.
  5. Moral education at schools and religious institutions should include inculcating strong family values, sexual discipline, respect for law and rights of others. God consciousness and sense of accountability can be the strong foundation for such morality.
  6. Exemplary punishment should be given to the culprits to serve as a deterrent. Loopholes in the current law updated by Justice Verma Commission need to be plugged. No person high or low should be spared the due process of law.
  7. Security for women in public and work places should be enhanced. Policing made more prompt, fair and effective.
  8. The society as a whole – men and women, individuals and institutions, state and citizens should work together collectively to improve the moral health of the society.

This press meet was addressed by prominent religious heads which included

  1. Shree ShivarudraMahaswamigalu,BelimathaMahasamsthana, Bangalore
  2. Father Ronnie Prabhu, PRO Archbishop, Bangalore
  3. Moulana Qadeer Ahmad Adaul Amri, Principal, JamiaNooria, Madiwala, Bangalore
  4. Mr.Gyani Baldev Singh, Head Priest, Gurudwara, Ulsoor, Bangalore
  5. Moulana Waheeduddeen Umri Madni Saheb, Convenor, Majlisul Ulama, Karnataka
  6. Dr.Belgami Mohammad Saad, Secretary, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Karnataka
  7. Moulana Abdur Raheem Faizi, Rector, Jamia Azharul Uloom, Bangalore



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