**Istisqa Prayers Held at Shafi Bagh Amid Severe Heatwave**

May 5, 2024

Mohammed Talha /inputs from JIH Arabic college road Bangalore

_Bengaluru, May 5th, 2024_: In response to the intense heatwave gripping the state, the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) Arabic College Road unit organized special Istisqa prayers at Shafi Bagh Ground in Gandhinagar on Sunday morning. The prayers, led by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan Umari Madani, Shaykh Al-Jamia of Jamiat-ut-Tayibat, were aimed at seeking divine intervention for rainfall and relief from the scorching temperatures.

The event was organized on the call of Dr. Mohammed Saad Belgami, the Ameer Halqa of the JIH Karnataka. The Istisqa prayer was organized in collaboration with Jamiat tut-Tayibat and nearby mosques. A large gathering of men and women attended the prayers, which commenced at 7:30 AM.

In his sermon following the prayers, Maulana Umari exhorted the attendees to turn to Allah, repent for their sins, and seek forgiveness frequently. He emphasized that disobedience towards the Creator and openly breaking His orders can lead to the cessation of divine blessings, including rainfall.

“The best way to please your Lord is through repentance and seeking forgiveness,” Maulana Umari stated. He urged the community to organize similar Istisqa prayers across the city and state, following the Sunnah (the traditions of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him), to invoke the mercy of Allah and bring an end to the heatwave and water shortage.

The Istisqa prayers concluded with a special prayer led by Maulana Umari, seeking the descent of divine mercy upon the region in the form of rainfall and relief from the intense heat.

The organizers expressed hope that the collective supplications would be answered, bringing much-needed respite to the people and the environment during these challenging times.

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