HRS General Body Meeting Report

June 3, 2024

**Date:**: 2nd  June 2024
Location: Shanti Sadan, RT Nagar, Bangalore

The HRS general body meeting was held at Shanti Sadan in RT Nagar, Bangalore, presided over by Akbar Ali Udupi, the Zonal Secretary of JIH. The report and financial accounts for the year 2023–24 were presented to the assembly. Following a detailed review and necessary corrections, the general body approved these documents, reflecting satisfaction with the organization’s performance over the past year.

The focus then shifted to future planning. The work plan and budget for the fiscal year 2024–25 were meticulously prepared and discussed. This session was crucial for setting organizational goals and allocating resources effectively for the upcoming year.

In his address, Akbar Ali Udupi emphasized the positive development of women volunteers collaborating with HRS. He highlighted this integration as a promising advancement and stressed the importance of fostering a spirit of service among all members. Udupi encouraged everyone to embrace this ethos, considering it essential for the organization’s growth and success. He also urged zonal leaders to be proactive in ensuring the completion of proposed plans, aiming to enhance the effectiveness and reach of HRS initiatives.

The meeting also featured the participation of esteemed special invitees Ameer Siddiqui and Abrar Ahmed. Their involvement was highly regarded and added significant value to the discussions.

Overall, the meeting was a comprehensive session that not only reflected on past achievements but also laid down a strategic roadmap for the future, fostering a collaborative and service-oriented spirit among all members.

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