**Let’s Go to School (Back to School) Rally: Promoting Education in Shiralakoppa**

May 31, 2024

**Shiralakoppa, May 27, 2024** — The Children’s Islamic Organization of Shiralakoppa organized a rally themed “Let’s Go to School” (Back to School), emphasizing the importance of education and urging community enrollment. Over 60 students participated, marching through the streets with educational slogans.


The rally began at Masjid Umar Farooq on Abdul Hameed Road and proceeded through Herikerur Road, ending at Shiralakoppa Bus Stand Circle. The slogan “shale bitta makkalige shalege kalisi” (Take the children to school) resonated with onlookers, many of whom captured the event on their mobile phones. A local journalist, impressed by the rally, gathered information from organizer Muhammad Sajid Saleem and promised to publish an article to support the cause.

In Purana Gaon, a predominantly Muslim area, the children’s chant “Abba sun lo baat hamari, padhne ki hai umar hamari” (Father, listen to us, it’s our age to study) was warmly welcomed by parents. As the rally moved through various neighborhoods, participants urged parents to prioritize their children’s education over work.

The rally concluded at the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind center, near Sayedna Umar Farooq Masjid, where mentors and students gathered to reinforce the message. Shabana Parveen, head of the Umar Farooq Mosque center, emphasized education as every child’s right and crucial for national development. Tasneem Parveen, head of the second center, promoted education for all children without discrimination. Students Humaira Naseem and Reha Firdous highlighted the importance of education and the upcoming school admissions.

The rally was supported by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) Shiralakoppa and its leaders, including Ameer Maqami Muhammad Hussain. The cooperation of the Secretary of the Board of Islamic Education, Muhammad Sajid Saleem, respected member Zabihullah, and SIO leaders Muhammad Nizamuddin and Abdul Rahman was also noteworthy.

The rally effectively raised awareness about the importance of enrolling children in schools, conveying the message that “Education is strength, education is light, education is progress, and education is the key to a bright future.”

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