Ban Alcohol which is behind all the evils: Dr Fouzia

March 25, 2013

FORWARD SymposiumHubli: 58% of spousal abuse cases, 25-30% of suicides and 52% rapes are committed under the influence of alcohol. So ban the Alcohol which is behind all the evils said Dr Fouzia Sultana, president FORWARD Trust.  She was presiding the symposium organized by FORWARD Trust (Forum for Women’s Action for Rights and Dignity) an NGO working throughout Karnataka on 24th March 2013 Sunday 3pm at Hotel Metropolis, Hubli.

She further talking about solutions said women should maintain her dignity and fight for due rights while she can make a happy family, healthy society and a prosperous nation.

Chief Guest Ms. Kusuma Mantur, Advocate, Hubli Dharwad Bar and High court said that “Education increases the self-confidence of the women. Man and women are wheels of a vehicle. Both should live in harmony to make a happy family. Broken families proNduce anti-social elements”. She also gave a call to not to misuse the laws.”

Dr. Savita D. Raichur Dermatologist and cosmetologist expressed her concern about number of raising sexual atrocities being committed against minor children. She gave useful tips to prevent such heinous crimes. She also reminded the audiences about on-going female foeticides in our country.”

Ms. Juliet Williamson Principal Mother Mary School said “one should proud to be a woman considering her roles in a home” She discussed about the problems faced by the working women.”

Ms. Sheila Mirji, Advocate, Vice President Hubli Bar Association said “Education produces a cultured women, which they pass on to their families. She also threw light on gender inequality in the society.”

FORWARD Symp AudienceThe Programme began with the prayer recitation by Ms. Uzma MIrza. The Key note address was delivered by Ms. Sajidunnisa, convenor women’s wing Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Karnataka in which she whole heartedly welcomed the chief guests and introduced them to the audiences. She also threw light on the activities of FORWARD Trust which is an NGO-a state level organization run by women for the sake of women, aims at the complete development of women. It has various progressive schemes to help women establish her identity without compromising her respect, dignity and self-esteem. Also FORWARD strives to make women financially independent by providing training to her in self-employment. Along with that, to provide mental peace, secure family, free family counselling centres’ are being run throughout   Karnataka. Women from all sections of the society are being immensely benefitted by these.

Ms. Shahanaz, M. Editor ‘Anupama’ magazine, Ms. Samina Banu, Secretary FORWARD Trust, Ms. Sajidunnisa, President Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Women’s wing Karnataka, Ms. Kulsoom Abubacker, Ms Tashkeela Khanum, Ms Tasneem trustee and Tahera Anjum, coordinator, were also present on the dais.

The programme concluded with the vote of thanks by Ms. Samina Banu, Secretary, FORWARD Trust. The programme was well attended by NGO’s, Advocates and Social Activists said Ms. Samina Banu

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  1. Respected Sister in Islam.

    Assalam e laikum WRBT.

    Yes 100% rightly said Alcohol is behind all the evils, it has to be Banned .

    Best Regards


    Vaseem ( Makkah) KSA


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