**SIO Ilkal Honors Top Students in SSLC and PUC Exams**

May 18, 2024

**Ilkal, May 18, 2024:** The Students Islamic Organisation (SIO) Ilkal felicitated students from various schools and colleges in the city who secured the first rank in the SSLC and PUC examinations for the academic year 2023-24. The Pratibha Puraskar ceremony took place today at the Ibrahim Masjid premises.

Sri Guru Mahanta Swamiji inaugurated the event, highlighting the inclusive nature of the Pratibha Puraskar program. In his address, Swamiji commended the SIO, a Muslim student organization, for organizing the felicitation program irrespective of religion. “This inclusivity is a testament to our tradition of harmony,” he noted. Swamiji also advised the students to carefully consider their future academic paths, urging them to select courses aligned with their goals and talents rather than simply following their friends’ choices. “Choosing the right course is crucial for achieving one’s future ambitions and personal growth,” he emphasized.

The event also featured Mr. Venkatesh Saka, a prominent granite entrepreneur and advocate for education. As the guest of honor, Mr. Saka encouraged students to pursue higher education despite financial challenges. “Education should not be curtailed due to financial difficulties. It’s essential to strive for higher education to overcome barriers and achieve success,” he advised.

Mohammed Peer Latageri, the SIO State Secretary, reiterated the importance of education as a transformative force for individuals and society. “Education should not only be seen as a means to achieve high marks but also as a tool for eradicating social evils and building strong moral values,” he said. Latageri emphasized that true education fosters personality development and the formation of a universal human personality.

The ceremony was attended by several notable figures, including Jamaat-e-Islami Hind local president Syed Ahmed Kotwal, zonal convener Mehboob Alam Badagan, SIO local president Asif Hunachagi, along with SIO members, activists, and student-parents. The event celebrated the academic achievements of the students and underscored the importance of continuous education and personal development.

**About SIO Ilkal:**
The Students Islamic Organisation (SIO) Ilkal is dedicated to promoting educational excellence and moral values among students. Through various initiatives and programs, SIO aims to foster a harmonious and inclusive educational environment.

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