Resolutions passed at the Annual Consultative Meeting of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Karnataka Zone, held in Hassan from May 11th to 13th, 2024.

May 17, 2024

Resolution 1:
The assembly voices deep distress regarding the current grave circumstances in Palestine. The unwavering backing from the leaders of the United States and certain European nations has emboldened Israel in its oppression. Therefore, the assembly urges these heads of state to cease their support for this tyranny and to heed the voices from the public sphere, particularly from universities.

Furthermore, the assembly acknowledges the resolute outcry from students, youth, and fair-minded individuals standing in solidarity with the oppressed. Additionally, the assembly calls upon leaders of Muslim nations to adhere to religious obligations in supporting truth, transcending expediency, and other constraints.

Recognizing the extraordinary acts of steadfastness and martyrdom unfolding in Gaza, the assembly views this as a significant example for the global community.

Resolution 2:
The assembly strongly denounces the role of the ruling party and its affiliates in disrupting the social fabric during the prolonged parliamentary elections. This irresponsible behavior, aimed at fostering division for political gain, has fueled hatred, resulting in tragic incidents of violence and the evasion of justice for perpetrators.

The assembly also condemns the reprehensible practice of stoking hatred, particularly targeting Muslims. The nation faces a severe crisis where issues like inflation and unemployment are overlooked. Partiality towards the plight of Manipur, disregard for constitutional institutions, and unjust actions against opposition voices, along with questionable conduct by the Election Commission, have marred the reputation of the world’s largest democracy.

Resolution 3:
The assembly notes that the two-phase parliamentary elections in Karnataka were generally peaceful, despite attempts by fascist and sectarian elements to disrupt the process. The timely intervention prevented the situation from escalating further, a development the assembly welcomes.

Moreover, the assembly commends civil society groups for their organized efforts in enhancing political awareness among the populace. However, reports of egregious incidents involving the mass rape of numerous women by a state parliamentarian have brought disgrace to the state.

The assembly demands severe punishment for such criminals and calls for the protection and compensation of the victims. Concern is also expressed over the trend among some politicians to groom their unworthy descendants as successors, and political parties fostering such individuals are leading the country’s politics astray.

The assembly appreciates the patience, wisdom, and bravery displayed by the Muslim community, particularly the youth, in neutralizing recent provocations. Furthermore, the active engagement of various national organizations and institutions in the parliamentary elections is laudable and worthy of recognition.

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