Press Conference | JIH Karnataka | 30th August 2022 | Bangalore

August 30, 2022

“Citizens should join hands to defeat fascism and save the country”

-Dr. Muhammad SaadBelgami

Jamaat to launch an awareness campaign to educate voters on real issues for ensuing elections

Bangalore (August 30, 2022): “Although our country has completed 75 years after Independence, the situation that obtains today has several areas of serious concern. While we laud our achievements and accomplishments, we need to take note of the challenges which might otherwise throw the country in turmoil & chaos”,said Dr. Muhammad SaadBelgami, president, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Karnataka addressing a press conference held in BIFT auditorium hall in Bangalore today.

Highlighting the increasing lawlessness in the state, Dr. Belgami pointed out the spate of murders from Belgaum, Nargund, Shimoga, Bangalore and Mangalore and emphasized the need to maintain the law and order in the state. “The common man especially the senior citizens feel unsafe in our cities. The backlog of cases in our courts, 80% of the prisoners being under trials languishing in jails without being proven guilty, influence of money & power in the miscarriage of justice, most recently seen in the case of Mr. Eshwarppa, are all painful facts. The Chief Minister talking about action & reaction and hinting at Yogi Model for our state are deplorable comments. The recent harassment and cases against Alt News Zubair&TeestaSetalvad are glaring examples of the erosion of justice”, he added.

Criticizing the government on its policy of victimisation of minorities, fanning of hatred, raising divisive and emotional issues,Dr. Belgamiexpressed his deep concern on the growing polarization and communalization in the state which is disturbing the age old environment of peace & harmony in our state. “Notwithstanding the recent upheavals on hijab, Azan, Halal meat, economic boycott etc. fresh attempts are being made to encroach upon the autonomy of madrasas and the ownership of Idgahs and Mosques. Over all this has disturbed the social harmony, caused economic hardships and sullied the image of our state and country internationally”, he remarked.

Speaking on the atrocities on women and dalits, he said: “Women and weaker sections continue to suffer discrimination, injustice, marginalisation and under representation. They fare poorly in various indices relating to health, education, hygiene, economy, equality and justice etc. The recent release of mass rapists of BilkisBanu has shaken the moral conscience across the country. Protests continue till date and we join in the demand that the culprits be rearrested and confidence restored in the affected innocents. The killing of a Dalit boy for drinking water shows the depths of untouchability &casteism in our advanced country”.

He also spoke on the preparations of the Jamaat to launch a campaign to educate the electorate in our state about the real issues and stakes involved keeping in mind the ensuing elections in the state. “Elections are an important milestone in democracies. 2023 & 24 will be crucial years in deciding the direction and fate of the country. The fascist forces in the blind pursuit of power are posing a grave threat to the democratic institutions, plurality, federalism, constitutional spirit and values of our country. A false sense of nationalism is being promoted to cover their failures and very serious economic and social problems. The real issues of common man and the true interests of the Country are being swept aside by empty slogans, promises and propaganda. The moral and spiritual values and traditions of the Country are being replaced with moral decay, selfishness, corruption, hatred, social divisions & discord. We call upon all countrymen to arise to save the real idea of India as envisioned by our forefathers, the true architects of Constitution and free India”, he added.


JIH vice president Muhammad Yusuf Kanni, state secretary MoulanaWaheeduddeen Khan UmriMadani, city president JIH Bangalore prof. Shaikh HaroonSafdar, media secretary of JIH Karnataka Laeequllah Khan Mansoori and convenor of women’s wing JIH Bangalore metro Mrs. TasneemFarzana were also present.

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