One-Day Training Workshop Equips HRS Leaders in Karnataka for Disaster Response

January 30, 2024

Date: January 28, 2024
*Bangalore:* In a proactive move, a one-day training workshop was conducted for zonal and group leaders of HRS (Humanitarian Relief Society) Karnataka at Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Bhawan, Directorate of Minorities, Bangalore.

The session, led by national and state experts, delved into strategies for mitigating both terrestrial and celestial disasters, emphasizing preparedness and technical requirements.
Mr. Abdul Jabbar Siddiqui, National Secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, addressed the gathering in the context of HRS (Humanitarian Relief Society). In his insightful statement, Siddiqui emphasized the unique power of service as a universal language that requires no translation. He stressed that this form of communication leaves a profound impact on the hearts of people, transcending cultural and linguistic boundaries. Siddiqui urged individuals and communities to proactively choose fields of service and diligently prepare for them, recognizing the deep and lasting impact such efforts can have on humanity.

Building upon Siddiqui’s remarks, Dr. Muhammad Saad Belgami, Ameer Halqa Karnataka, took the floor. Dr. Belgami expressed his happiness regarding the ongoing service initiatives and clarified the vital importance of continual service to the people. He emphasized the need for this process to extend further and underscored the necessity of increasing manpower to enhance the reach and effectiveness of humanitarian efforts. Dr. Belgami underlined the crucial role of service in shaping a better future and encouraged a collective commitment to the well-being of communities.

Muhammad Yusuf, Deputy Secretary at Panchayat Raj Commission in Karnataka., briefed participants on government department protocols during calamities. KM Ashraf, Director of HRS, outlined the organization’s threefold mission—rescue, relief, and rehabilitation—and highlighted the comprehensive training provided to HRS volunteers.
Dr. Naseem provided a detailed exploration of the potential strategies and approaches for both rescue and relief operations during the workshop. His insights illuminated the diverse possibilities and considerations essential for effective disaster response efforts.


In his concluding remarks, Mr. Atharullah Sharif expressed gratitude, stating, “Alhamdulillah, we are endowed with abundant resources.” He underscored the importance of channeling our efforts with motivation and meticulous planning to effectively utilize these resources for our collective goals.


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