Joint Declaration In support of stable family & healthy society and against homosexuality

February 6, 2014


(In support of stable family & healthy society and against homosexuality)

The recent decision of Supreme Court reinstating Section 377 of IPC, is in tune with the religious teachings, moral values, traditions and ethos of this country. The earlier decision of Delhi high court in 2009 had decriminalized homosexuality paving way for further erosion of family values under western cultural influence.

Human beings have been created as male and female just like everything else in the universe. Marriage is a time honored institution, sanctioned and promoted by all religions, that brings together man and woman, not just to satisfy their sexual needs and comfort each other, but also to share the responsibility of starting a new family and nurture the offsprings. Thus stable families in a healthy society is the natural way of continuing the race and advancing the civilization.

Homosexuality strikes at the very root of family and society. It is an immoral and unnatural act of perversion, which not only prevents procreation and progress of human race, but also destroys the family system and social relations. Medical research has shown that it reduces life expectancy and is a major concern for public health in view of high prevalence of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases in this group.

We welcome the decision of the Supreme Court and urge the Government not to tamper with Section 377 of IPC under pressure from certain groups on the pretext of individual freedom and rights. It is more a matter of social probity and morality and in keeping with the sentiments and religiocultural values of the overwhelming majority of people, it has to be viewed as a crime against humanity. We stand firmly against all attempts to legalise homosexuality.

The following dignitaries addressed press conference:

  1. Shree Shivarudra Mahaswamigalu, Belimatha Mahasamsthana, Bangalore
  2. Father Ronnie Prabhu, PRO Archbishop, Bangalore
  3. Mr. Baldev Sing, Priest, Sri Gurusing Sabha, Bangalore
  4. Moulana Maqsood Imran Saheb, Imam, City Jamia Masjid, Bangalore
  5. Dr. Belgami Mohammad Saad, Secretary, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Karnataka
  6. Moulana Mohammad Yousuf Kanni, Convenor, Karnataka Dharmika Sauharda Vedike, Bangalore

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