Remember! The Lord of the Universe is with you: Ameer e Jamaat

October 1, 2018

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We have been given an opportunity to serve the humanity in a vast country with plenty of resources. We should not get disheartened at the fact that the resources are in the hands of wrong people who do not have faith in the almighty and who do not believe that they are accountable in the hereafter. In spite of this being on the Right Path you should not forget that the Lord of the Universe is with you. These were the words expressed by Moulana Syed Jalaaluddin Umri, National President, Jamaat e Islami Hind, in his heart rendering concluding address at the two day All Karnataka Members’ conclave in Davanagere on 30th September 2018.

The Ameer called upon the members to be staunch believers in Allah as this is the only thing that can stimulate a Muslim towards real contribution to humanity. He said, “A weak Muslim exhibits the character of Nifaaq (Hypocrisy).  The anecdote of a true Muslim- one who is entirely committed towards following and spreading the Divine Message of the Lord- is like that Muslim warrior who loses everything in the battlefield, his horse as well as his life. You are expected to fulfill your commitment with the Lord thus”.

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“You are here to change the destiny of the country. This can be possible only by bringing change in the basics of the country. Here nobody questions about the personal lives of the people who are at the helms of the affairs of the country. The ideology which you want to propagate here is not in demand. To do this you have to change the perceptions and ideals of the people here. And this can be done only through bringing the change from within the people and not by force and allurement. Dawah is an effort to bring in change and get consent from the people. This is the method as enshrined in Qur’an and Sunnah.

“You are being recognized as a set of good people doing humane service whenever the nation calls for. But this is not the true recognition of yours. You are here to change the very ideals of the people in such a way that they lead their lives to please their Lord so that when they return to their Lord they should be appropriately rewarded” added Moulana. He expressed a great concern at the fact that how many of us have this prophetic concern for the fellow beings.

In his Key Note address in the Inaugural session, the Ameer e Jamaat said, “We find three categories of people: One who have virtually no purpose for their lives, one who have goals but very short term goals and the one who have greater purpose for their lives. The people who are associated with Jamaat are the ones who claimed to come under third category. Allah swt likes those people who lead their lives as endorsed by the Almighty and as shown by the great Prophets of Allah. Now, he said, it is the responsibility of the people who know the purpose of life to enlighten those who do not know about it. For this great cause he has chosen us. We should acknowledge it by doing the duty for which we have been chosen.

The Two day conclave was commenced with the Quranic Discourse by Moulana Waheeduddin Khan Umari, State Secretary. Jb Mohammed Atharullah Sharief, State President JIH Karnataka Delivered inaugural address. Jb Mohammed Yousuf Kanni, State General Secretary, read the report of performance by Jamaat in the state during the last three years. Jb Mohammed Saleem, National Secretary General put forth his remarks on the report.

In the afternoon session group leaders, from the four groups constituted to formulate a plan for the future, presented the outcome of the discussion in the group. Jb Mulla Liyaqat Ahmed presented his presidential remarks. Jb S Ameen ul Hassan, Member CAC, JIH spoke on the topic Challenges of the Modern Era.

The second day of the conclave commenced with Hadees discourse by Mohammed Kunni, Member State advisory Council, JIH Karnataka.

Moulana Jalaaluddin Umari, Ameer e Jamaat, enlightened the members on Purification of Soul, its requirements and practical strategies to achieve it.

Jb Mohammed  Saleem, Secretary General, spoke on “Exemplary Association, Practical Strategies to achieve the condition of Bunyanum Marsoos”

Jb Syed Tanveer Ahmed spoke on “Our Strategies for upcoming Parliamentary Election”

Dr Sa’ad Mohammed Belgaumi, State Secretary explained about the upcoming 15 day campaign on the life of Prophet Muhammad pbuh.

Most of the Members of Jamaat e Islami Hind Karnataka both Men and Women attended the conclave organized at Bapuji Samudaaya Bhavan, Davangere.

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