Social Reform and Prophet Muhammad: Kasba Bengre

December 16, 2018

Sajid Parappuru Seerat Bengre“Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) not only made speeches against the prevalent evils of the society but also incessantly worked hard to uproot the evils like Alcohol consumption, interest, female foeticide and built a society which was cleaned of their presence. He dwelt among the general populace, made the Mosque as the centre for obtaining solutions to various problems and issues. He was the first leader to have given the opportunity to people of various faiths to live peacefully according to their faith. People should come out of their communal mindsets and think about the betterment of humanity as a whole” – said Janab Sajid Moulvi Parappuru, Kerala.

He was speaking on the topic Social Reform and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the Seerath public meeting at Kasba Bengre organised by the Jamaat e Islami Hind as part of the statewide seerah campaign.

Then speaking on the topic “Love of the Prophet”, Janab Abdul Latif Aaliyah, Principal of A.R.K School said “Loving the Prophet doesn’t mean just remembering and praising him just for one day, but living and following his teachings our entire life is the real love for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Abdul Kareem, Jamat e Islami Hind Bengre Circle’s Organiser, gave the inaugural speech after Quran Recitation by Moulana Muhammad Ali. B.A. Ibrahim Bengre Convened the meet and gave the vote of thanks at the end of the meet.

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