Journalists Participate in Enlightening Dialogue on Ramadan, Quran, and Fasting at Iftar Gathering

April 8, 2024


In a recent Iftar gathering organized by JIH Udupi, journalists engaged in a constructive dialogue aimed at enhancing understanding of Ramadan, the Quran, and the significance of fasting within India’s diverse society. This event forms part of a comprehensive initiative spanning Karnataka, reaching across rural villages, urban centers, and metro cities.

Idris Hooda of JIH Udupi led discussions, shedding light on Ramadan as a commemoration of the Quran’s revelation, revered as a universal guide for humanity. He elucidated fasting as a spiritual expression of gratitude.

Attendees lauded JIH Udupi for their initiative and expressed appreciation for the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Islam, fasting, and the Quran. Rajesh Shetty, District President of the Journalist Association in Alevoor, emphasized the vital role of such initiatives in fostering societal harmony.

The event witnessed dynamic interactions with journalists, including prominent figures such as Dinesh Kini, former president of the district journalists’ association, along with office bearers Umesh Marpalli and Nazir Polya. Local representatives from leading state-level newspapers in Udupi City also actively participated, enriching the dialogue.

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