“Career, Character and Charisma”- State-wide Campaign

August 25, 2017


Education is as old as first man on earth. To learn, to experience and to transform oneself thereby, are all human characteristics. Education makes man more enterprising and more cultured and ensures progress for the whole mankind. If we analyse today’s scenario, we can see students and youngsters competing with each other, breaking barriers, to get seat in the college of their dreams which is well known and has good educational standards, so that they can build up a good career and have a great, bright and secured future. In this whole process of building up good career students forget to work on their character building.

Consequently students disrespecting their teachers and elders have become a trend and fashion. Doctors are involved in organ trafficking. Journalists under the influence of political parties work hard to cast communal polarization in the society, Police personnel are involved in communal riots, fake encounters, rape cases and kidnappings. Politicians are involved in anti-social and anti-national activities, lynching, murder and other anti-human activities have become common.

In response to this prevailing situation, Girls Islamic Organization, Karnataka has decided to observe a state-wide campaign under the theme “Career, Character and Charisma” from 19th to 28th August 2017.
The objectives of this campaign are to promote value based education, to revive true objective of education, to create awareness about people’s responsibilities towards the society.

God willing during the course of this 10 days campaign we will conduct competitions and lectures in high schools, colleges and tutorials. Individual and group meets, distribution of folders, short clips making, students conference, Special programs for teachers and lecturers, meeting student union leaders, educational model show will be held at various levels. G.I.O, Karnataka President Navida Husain Asadi, G.I.O Udupi District organizer Mariam Asadi  ,G.I.O Udupi  District Assistant organizer Suha fathima present in the press conference:


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