Assam Relief Stepping Ahead

September 27, 2012

Jammat-e-Islami Hind, Assam has Started Relief works in the ethnic and communal riot affected area of BTAD in Assam. Last July 2012 communal violence took place in Kokrajhar, Chirang and Baksa districts of newly created Bodoland Territorial Council, where as many as four lakhs of people has been Victimized out of them 80% are Muslims.

Jamaat has started Relief works dividing the area in three centers and following are given responsibility for different canters and Md.Shams Ahmed supervises all the three Centers and Central Relief Office Based in Beltoli ( Bilashipara),Dhubri District of Assam.

1) Bilashi Para Sub-Division and Dhubri District – Haris Ali , Camps 30.

2) Chirang and Baksa District – Saiful Islam Falahi , Camps 19.

3) Gushaigaon and Tamarhat Area: – Sofiur Rahman , Camps 21.


Relief Items distributed


Sl. No

Relief Items



Eid Kits 10000 Families


Food Items 23045 Families


Utensils 30212 families


Cloths 40000 Persons


Tarpaulin 18500 pieces


Mosquito Nat 5000 pieces


Sari 10000


Lungi 10000


Medical Aid 27600 Persons


Legal Aid 13000 Persons


Baby foods 7500 babies


Black Tarpolin for Flooring 5000


Mosquito coil, Milk, Soap, Fire Box etc. 10000 Families.


Deeni Makatib 72 Places


Adult Education Centers For Men and Women. 30 Places

Total Camps in three centers where distributed relief materials is 160.

1)      Four Marriages Conducted in Two Relief camps where 40 thousand Rupees spent.

2)      200 Volunteers give their full time services in 42 camps and they are render their services in Education, Security, Medical Aid, Health and Hygiene, Materials Distribution.

3)      One Delegation  including 4 members namely 1) Tula Sanjay of Vishvagram 2) Mr.Omar Bhohra of JIH Gujrat,3)Miss Momta Chauhan, Education Inspector 3) Shalish Bhat 4) Miss Sevika a Boro Lady and 5) Mohammed Shafi Madni. This deligation has visited both the Muslim and Boro community camps and sits together with ABSU and ABMSU Leaders and tried to bring the normalcy among the both community.

This delegation also met with Socio-Political leaders and National & state bureaucrats.

4)      200 Headscarf given to 200 women.300 selwar Qamis provided to affected girls Students.

5)      12 student of class 5th to 8th standard given admission to different school.

6)      30 students admitted in to Class 11th standard.

7)      14 Students Admitted in to Graduation Courses.

8)      15 student admitted in to Qaumi Madrassa.

9)      Counseling, Motivation, Legal works and survey is going on.


Major Project Which going on :-

1>   5o Houses Identified and going to be built up.50000.00 Rupees will be expense on per unit.

Future Plan:-

          1>>  We are Planning to Construct 1000 Houses in affected Area.

          2>>  We are planning to Repair 2500 Houses.

         3>>  We are Planning to arrange Qurbani in 150 camps about 750 Animals in need for this Project ( The costing of One Hissa Qurbani is 1500.00)

         4>> Anti Tobacco Campaign will be organized between 7th Oct. to 15th October 2012 in all the relief Camps.

Ø  Al-hamdulillah About 200 lakhs Rupees spend in all these activities.

May Allah give us courage and Tawfiq to work for the sake of ALLAH swt.


Shafi Madni ,
Relief in charge , Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, New Delhi.


Shams  Ahmed
Relief Field in charge, JIH
Central Relief Office, Beltoli,Bilashi para, Dhubri-Assam.


N.B. – We are thankful to NGO’s and Other Individuals for their co-operation to the Jamaat Relief Works.

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