Media has failed to cover the genuine cause of crisis in Egypt and Middle East : A R Savnoor

Udupi: March.15: The media has failed to cover the genuine cause and the fact of real happenings in Egypt and the Middle East. The news you are reading in the newspaper is not a fact. You have to keep your sixth sense open said Bhatkal Anjuman PU College Professor Abdul Ravuf Savnoor addressing a function organised by Jamat-e-Islami Hind Udupi Dist. at  Tonse Adarsha Auditorium.

He pointed out the editorial article published in the English daily ‘The Hindu’   which says the Indian media is completely ignorant about the real happenings in the Middle East and we are completely depending upon the news of western media Who is behind Egypt’s peaceful and extra ordinary political changes? No one knows and this matter is restricted to facebook and twitter only he said. Western countries reacted with surprise to see the political changes and the establishment of democracy in Egypt. Let the people of Egypt show the world the real meaning of democracy he said.

Muslim Writers Association DK President Syed Ismail addressing the meeting said, reserve small space for your enemy in your heart. Open your hear and ask him about his welfare.  Supplying food grains to the drought hit people of neighboring enemy country shows our courtesy and humanity. This is how our Holy Prophet Mohamed (PUH) taught us how to behave with our enemies. All are equal and we are all brothers. Colour, country, language and community is only to identify the people he said. God fear is the best sign of good human being.

Tonse Jamia Professor Moulana Adam read the versus from the Holy Quran. Anwar Ali welcomed the guests. Idris Hoode anchored the program and delivered vote of thanks.


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