It Is Not Possible To Call Ourselves The Best Community

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO CALL OURSELVES THE BEST COMMUNITY if we are work under the mindset of my language, my culture, my country , my organization but instead he who is the best to the world is only eligible to call himself best community(khare-ummath). This was said by sate president of jamaate isalami hind, Karnataka who present to address the students of jamia baqiathussalihath educational institute.

The responsibility of the best community is to eradicate evils and establish goodness. it is impossible to establish goodness without eradicating evils. So it is everyone’s duty to fight evils everywhere be it our houses, our schools , our surroundings. It is impossible for us to live in noisy areas, similarly we can’t study without reducing the volume of t.v and many more such example was cited by the speakers to enlighten the students. Islam means submission. ALL THE THINGS IN THE WORLD SUBMITS ITSELF TO ITS CREATER. Be it sun, moon, stars, water, air, etc all of them surrender itself to its creator. Similarly even we must completely submit completely before him.

H.R.S secretary akber ali, lecturer moulana adam ,anwar ali kaup represent on the occasion. School manager aslam haikadi proposed vote of thanks

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