You are the Best People; Nations wellbeing is your responsibility

The Holy Quran declares Muslims to be “Khair e Umma”, you are the best of the people, created for the well being of the people. This responsibility is to be carried out by Muslim Umma in the country. These were the words expressed by Jb Abdul Jabbar Siddiquie, while delivering the Concluding Address at the before the end of a daylong City Conference organized by Jamaat e Islami Hind, Gulbarga at Saba Function Hall, on Sunday the 20th November, 2016. He said, Muslims are honored by the almighty with the divine guidance, through which not only their lives but the lives of the country men can be changed. Thereby society based on welfare principles can be evolved. Unfortunately, Musims, either have forgotten this honor or their responsibility. Jamaat e Islami Hind reminds this responsibility to the Umma that, Muslims instead of demanding their rights, should become the guiders of the country for which they have been created.



Earlier, in the morning session, speaking on “Muslim Personal Law & Challenged before it” he said, every effort is been made in the nation to interfere in the Muslim Personnel law by the self interested people.  Tripple Talaaq, Qula, Halaa, Polygamy, are being targeted in the name of giving the rights to Muslim Women, which according to them they are deprived off. He said, the fact is that Islam has not only given the Women their rights but has made every provision to protect them, and that we hardly find in any other forms of social/religious systems.

The Program was started with Quranic Discourse on Chapter Al-rum verse 21 by Jb Zakir Hussain, President, JIH Gulbarga. He said, Allah SWT has created mates for you from your own kind, so that you may find peace in them. He said in fact these are the signs of Allah to you.

Speaking on the topic “Importance of Nikah in Islam”, Jb Mohammed Yousuf Khan, Dist Organizer, JIH Gulbarga said, Islam is the liked way of life in the sight of Allah SWT, as it is with the nature of human beings, which guides in all the aspects of human lives. Islam wants a righteous society free from all sorts of evil. For this it propagates men and women to satisfy their sexual urge only through the bonds of Nikah, instead of going on free will. Therefore, it considers Nikah to be a form of worship. It dislikes men & women to live alone without getting married. Quoting Prophet Muhammed pbuh’s sayings, he said,   Prophet Muhammed pbuh’s he is not amongst us who doesn’t follow our path. He said, all the righteous people in the history of mankind and all the Prophets lead married life.


Jb Syed Sajis Saleem, Member Local Advisory Council, JIH Gulbarga, spoke on “etiquettes of Talaaq & Qula”. He said, Islam do not bind men and women to live together even if there is huge conflict between them. Therefore it gives way for separation in the form of Talaaq & Qula. He said among all halaal things propagated by Allah, the most dislked one is Talaaq.  Therefore it should be exercised only when relations cross limits, that it no more possible to live together. And should be enacted in the manner it has been guided. Explaining the procedure of Giving Talaaq he said, It is the Husbands responsibility to guide his wife in accordance to Quran and Sunna for happy life. If she is persistent, some punishment may be exercised, and then her bed may be separated. With all these matters are not getting settled, an elderly & pious person from both husband and wife may be invited to settle the issue. Even after all these efforts the relations are still strained, Husband can pronounce Talaaq when his wife is not in periods and they have not mated. Then they shpud wait for the prescribed period of the monthly periods of women(wife). During this perion, they can rejoin. Once this period is exhausted, they will not remain as husband & wife. However, they can rejoin by performing new Nikah. He Said this process can be continued upto three times. But after third Talaaq, there will be no chance for reunion. He said, by pronouncing Three Taqal, Talaaq get legalizes, but it is most unliked method of getting separated by prophet Muhammed pbuh.

The afternoons Session was started with Hadees discourse on “Family Life of Porphet Muhammed pbuh” delivered by Jb Mohammed Azmatllah Khan. He enlightened the audience with different modes of prophet Muhammed pbuh when he is at home along with his family. He said Prophet always maintained balance between different wives. He helped them in their work. He was never harsh on them, Even his servants never have complained of his aggression in the long tenure that they stayed with him.

Speaking on “Distribution of Patrimony” Jb Syed Tanveer Hashmi said, the matter of distribution of left over arises only when a person dies. This is called Virasat. The distribution of a property never arises when a person is alive. Islam clearly guides how the left over is distributed, to whom and in what proportion. Explaining the procedures, he when a person dies, first thing required to be done from his left over property is to make arrangements for his cremation. After that, it has to be analyzed whether he has any loans, if so, they are to be repaid. Then, if he has made any will, that will should be fulfilled. Here, a care has to be taken that, no one can make will for more than one third of his property. If a died person has made will of more than one third, that cannot be fulfilled. Then the property should be distributed among the kith and kin’s in proportion as mentioned in Quran. Tanveer Hshmi said, these are the duties which are to be performed. If not, they will be permanently pushed to hell.

Dr. Mohammed Habeeb ur Rahman, Member, JIH Gulabrga spoke on “Rights of Husband & Wife” He said, Quran prescribes similar rights for women as they are for men. But it says, Men have an upper hand over women, for that, they Physically stronger and that they take care of their wives requirement. “The Mehr” is the right of wife. He said it is the sole responsibility of a husband to meet all the righteous demands of his wife. He said, husband and wife should lead their life in accordance with set standards of life which Quran prescribes as “Maroof”. Speaking on the duties of a Wife, he said, she should be obedient to Allah swt and her husband, she should safeguard her sanctity, protect the property and children of her husband. Due to lack of awareness of rights and duties of husband & wife, wisdom behind them, problems arising in our families. Therefore we should not only go by rights in legal way, but look beyond the rights, in the form of indebtedness, gratitude etc.

Jb Mohammed Mazharuddin, Organizer, Section Islamic Society, JIH Gulbarga, delivering inaugural address explained the need to organize such a program under the present scenario of interference in Muslim Personal Law in the country, to make Muslim Umma to know their rights given by their religion.

The program was attended by huge number of men and women.

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