Time to dismantle the wall of hatredness: W Saeedi


Gulbarga: Concerted efforts are being made in the country to create an environment of hatredness. This is being carried out by those who didn’t play any role in the struggle for country’s independence said Moulana Valiullah Sayeedi Falahi, National Secretary, Jamaat e Islami Hind, He was presiding a symposium on “Respect Humanity, Ensure Peace” at Sir M Vishveshwaraiah Bhavan in Kalaburagi  On Thursday the 1st September, 2016 as part of its Nationwide Campaign on “Peace & Humanity”.

He further said, the majority of the country is in favour of peace & Harmony. This testimony to the fact the right from the beginning people from all faiths and communities all through the country has extended full support to this campaign with vigor and enthusiasm. This is the time to dismantle the wall of hate redness, as the people are enlightened now. The people should come forward to withhold the hands of hate mongering people and should say in voice that brother this is not the way.

Moulana said the fear of Only God Almighty and the respect for the rule of the land will ensure that the things will come to normal.


Dr Shaikh Shah Mohammed Afzaluddin Junaidi, Sajjada Nasheen of Dargah Hazrath Shaikh e Deccan Gulbarga addressing the gathering as a chief guest told that Islam is peace, and without peace there is no Islam. The Holy Book Quran and its messenger are the propagators of Peace. Islam is the religion which addresses the whole of humanity. This reality should be conveyed to one and all. The Concept of Jihad has been manipulated giving all the wrong meaning to it. Jihad he said is a very beautiful concept of continuous struggle to get rid of all the evil things from the self, family, society and the country as a whole. Dealing with the concept of Sufism, he said the word “Sufi” itself meant that one heart is so pure that he doesn’t have any ill feeling towards any of the creations. He called upon the people to inculcate characters of the River, the sun and the earth, which give everything they have to all people without any reservations.


Shri  Shri Shivanubhava Shivarudra Swami of Belimath Samsthana, Bangalore quoting duets from Urdu poetry winning the hearts of the audience said, Jamaat e Islami Hind has rightly felt the stimuli of masses of the country for peace and harmony, hence launched a nationwide campaign when hateredness was being spread everywhere. Quoting the incidents of the First War of independence in 1857, he said, people from all faiths from the country had elected Moghal’s last emperor as their leader for their struggle of independence, considering its importance without giving any thought on the bases of religion, casts etc. He also said that the Muslim and Hindu Kings never went on war against each other to propagate their religion, but their wars were purely for want of power.  He gave many incidents of Muslim emperors renovating temples, and awarding priests and other religious places as he said, they wanted harmony in the society. Unfortunately Swamy said, though it is 70 years since British left the country but, we are still being affected by the venom they had left behind. He said the history is being manipulated these days. This should be stopped. Speaking upon the turmoil in the Arab countries, he said it is nothing to do with Islam, If there were to be no oil resources there, the Gulf would have been peaceful.

Mr S.G.Sheelvant, State President, BAMCEF addressing the gathering said, Democracy and Barhmanvad cannot go together. We should raise our voice against those who are dividing the society based on casts and creed. Goutam Budha, he said was the first person in the country who had fought for the establishment of peace. For this cause he had to leave his palace and family. But this truth has not been mentioned in history. He said, It is unfortunate the Muslim consider every non-Muslim as Hindu which is not true. And also that our country is not Hindustan, it is Bharat or India. He made a mockery of the fact that, those people who constitute only 3% and are in minority, tell Muslims are in minority. He said Islam has given many good things to the people of the country. It has strived to remove the disparity of upper cast and lower cast as it is the religion of Equality.

Mr Maheboob Ali Balganur, Member JIH Bijapur speaking in Kannada expressed concern over the polluting atmosphere of peace in the country. He said there is direct correlation between peace and humanity. To establish peace once should inculcate human values of love, affection, sacrifice, patience. Speaking on the human values propagated by Islam, he said Islam teaches equality based on the fact that all the human beings are the creations of one Lord and the children of one parent.

The Program was commenced with the recitation of Holy verses from Quran by Moulana Mohammed Imran, Imam of Masjid e Hidayath Center and its Urdu translation. Mr Zulfeqar Ali read its Kannada translation. Mr Mohammed Yousuf Kanni, State Secretary, Jamaat e Islami Hind, Karnataka spoke about the circumstances in which the nationwide campaign was launched and its objectives. He said, the country is faced with numerous issues like poverty, that 35 Cr people still are not getting their full meals, 45 Cr people of illiterate. Unfortunately, certain self interested fascist forces are trying to divide the people in such a way that which leads to polarizations of communities. Which, he said, not a better way for the country.

The Program was anchored by Zulfeqar Ali. Vote of thanks were delivered by Mr Mohammed Yousuf Khan, Dist Organizer, JIH Gulbarga.

The Reception Committee members, Hafiz Sahrif Mazhari, Moulana Javid Aalam Qasmi, Moulana Misbah ul Hasan Hashmi, Mr Arif Ali Maniyar, Mr Basavaraj, Mr Sharanu Gobbur, Mr Sharanu Pappa, Mr Lakshmikant, Mr Jasveer Singh Chhabra Mr Zulqarnain were present on the podium. People from all faiths and communities attended the program

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