“Terror would be widespread in the world, in the absence of Jihad” – L Shankaracharya

Townhall (2)The word ‘Jihad’ has been widely misunderstood. Instead, The world would have seen widespread terror, if it wasn’t for Jihad. Swami Lakshmi Shankaracharya, of Kanpur, U.P. has opined in the symposium at Mangalore.

As part of the statewide campaign on the topic “Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) : The greatest leader of mankind”, the Dakshina Kannada district welcome committee for the seerah campaign had organised a symposium on the topic “Social Reform in the light of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) teachings” at the Mangalore town hall, during which the revered Swamiji was speaking as the chief guest. He said that The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) first practiced the divine guidance reaching him, in his own life, then preached his followers, bringing a complete transition to reform of the society in Arabia. Hence became the greatest leader of mankind. Showing the other cheek when slapped on one, is not non-violence, but foolishness. Holding the hand that slaps, is the actual non-violence. Islam teaches the concepts of brotherhood along with that of the good deeds, purity of the heart and non-violence.
He said that there is no concept of terror in the Islamic teachings, what’s there is the Divine guidance and the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) ideals. He taught the people about Islam by peaceful means, and not by terrorising them. Terror has never been taught by Islam.
He also said that Muslims would not get into Paradise Just by offering Namaz, they have to do good deeds also. When the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave the call for the way of truth and non-violence, he had to face many difficulties and problems. He gave the call without losing patience and forgiving his opposers/enemies, thereby becoming the great leader. Getting to know the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) better is a responsibility of all of us, said the Swamiji.


Inaugurating the symposium, JIH national secretary Muhammad Iqbal Mulla said that the society has seen great development scientifically but has failed in humanitarian values. The distance between communities is the reason for the bad relationship between them.
Speaking at the event, another chief guest, Mr B.M. Haneef, Co-Editor, Praja Vani, daily newspaper, said that poverty, unemployment, corruption, diseases aren’t the biggest problems of humanity, but the ever-increasing hatred among fellow humans is. Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) solved all the problems of mankind by uniting the hearts of the people. He also said that the teachings of Islam should be reaching each and everyone relentlessly.
Renowned novelist Kum. Veerabhadrappa, Mangalore University’s SVP Kannada study centre’s professor Shivarama Shetty, also expressed their views.
Dakshina Kannada district welcome committee for seerah campaign secretary Muhammad Kunni welcomed the guests and committee president Dr C. P. Habeebur Rehman gave the presidential address.
JIH Karnataka zonal president Muhammad Atharullah Shareef, Secretary K.M Ashraf, Abdussalam Uppinangadi, Moulana Yahya Tangal Madani, Dakshina Kannada district welcome committee for Seerat Campaign office bearers P.B Abdul Hameed, Y . Muhammad Beary, Nazim, Ilyas Ismail, K.K. Shahul Hameed, and others were present on the Dais. Abdul Latif Aaliya Recited the Holy Quran, Hussain Katipalla and Asif Iqbal convened the program and Muhammad Thumbay gave the vote of thanks.
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