Islamic movement can only shape the future of this country

Bijapur: Today our Country is in the cluches of corrupt system, where human are rivals of each other and dishonesty disharmony is swaying. In this situation the future of the country can be built by the people of Islamic Movement.  We have the message of humanity, Quran,peace and justice said the State President of JIH Karantaka Muhammad Abdullah Javed. He was addressing the one day cadre convention of Bijapur and Bagalakote district here in Roshan Shadi Mahal Bijapur on 24 November 2011.

He further said to the present cadre of  Jamaat that to love Allah and his messenger Muhammad that will lead everyone to  love all  cadre, brothers, teachings of Islam and its practice and make everyone to follow consciously. Then only we can bring change being an Islamic worker.

The convention began with the Quaranic discourse of Shahnaz Batur Member Shura JIH Karnataka. Assistant Regional Convenor Meboob Alam Badgan delivered inaugural address of the convention.

Yousuf Kanni JIH Gulbarga region convener has explained the new trends and new dimensions of JIH. Another speaker Maulvi Faheemuddin member shura JIH Karnataka delivered a talk on purification of Heart. Around 600 men and women of Jamaat, SIO and GIO were participated in the convention.

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  1. Noorul Mubin Nadaf
    November 11, 2015 at 9:44 pm #

    Allah apko ajre azeem ata kare, apki is koshish ke badle apko aur apke ahle khana ko Jannat-ul-firdous mein aala muqam ata kare,
    aur apko HIMMAT, JUR”AT, QUWWAT, AUR HIKMAT ata kare…

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