Tarbiyati Ijtima

Blore Central TI -JIH Bengaluru Central  organized a full day Tarbiyati Ijtima on Sunday from 10.30 am to 5 pm  at BIFT Auditorium, Darussalam Building, Queens Road. More than 120 Arkan and Karkunan, both from men and women attended the Tarbiyati Ijtima.
There was a group study of Quran on subject “Kushgawaar aur Paakeeja Ma’shira” with the reference of Ayats from Al-Hujurat 10 to 13. This was supervised by Moulana Ubaidullah Umri. While talking on the subject “Talluq-billah aur Fiqr e Aakhirat” Mohatarama Saliha Noorain Salihati said that man in other religion connects with God for their vested interest,  wheras, in Islam, the concept is that we are part of the existence of God, His soul is blown in our physiology while the man was created. She cited ayats from Quran. Allah is the source of  all light. Allah resides inside of one’s heart, which is inside the skeleton. She drawn a parallel quoting ayats from Surah Noor. Further, she said that the areas of life, by which one can to connect with Allah are: Submission, Morality, Society, Transaction and Politics
She also said that the means of Fikr-e-Akirah are: Remembrance of death, reading more and more about Jannah and Hell and arranging for Sadqa-e-Jarriah. Dr.T. Mohammed Aqeel presented an analysis  on the meanings of Khalifa,  Iqaamat-e-Deen and siad that it shall be our objective. While delivering Tazkeer bil Hadees on the topic “Momin Momin ka Ayena hai”  Moulana Md. Taheer Qasimi, quoting from Hadees, siad Allah loves good momin, angles too love him because Allah loves him. Hence, people too love him. Further, he said, best among you is the one who benefit others, Momin is a mirror to other momin.
Tarbiyati Itimata had symposium on the subject of “Islami Tahareek-Kamiyabi me Sharayat”. The symposium session was presided over by Jb. Iqbal Ahmed, Secretary,  JIH, Bangalore Central.
In his concluding speech, Jb. Asadulla Khan, Ameer-e-Maqami, JIH, Bangalore Central, summarised the daylong Tarbiyati Ijtima and reminded the Cadres on their responsibilities. Also, reminded them on the targets set on individuals in our policy and programme with respect to Dawah and Millat. Tarbiyati Ijtima conclude before Asar prayer with  supplication by Moulana Mohammed Taheer Qasimi.
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    Masha Allah, such reports represnt our activism.

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