Shanthi Prakashana

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

The knowledge of religious teachings and their faithful practice is essential for the establishment of a peaceful society. Long lasting peace and tranquility can be established in the county only by implementing the noble values promoted by the religion.

Islam stands for such sublime values that assure the all round development of the entire mankind. Islam is not the kind of religion that offers only a few articles of faith, some rituals and certain mode of worship. Rather it guides humanity in all spheres of human life including personal conduct, family, social life economy, morality, human relations, governance etc.

Shanthi Prakashana was floated in 1988 with the noble objective of introducing the eternal values of Islam to the Kannada reading Muslims and non-Muslims. The principal goal before its organization is to provide an opportunity of acquiring knowledge of Islam, to many such Muslims who depend upon Kannada language. Besides, it aims at dispelling the deep rooted prejudices and misgivings prevailing in the minds of many non Muslim Kannadigas about Islam and the Muslim community. In this regard, Shanthi Prakashana has brought to light well over a hundred titles on divergent topics.

The objectives of this organization vary from primary lessons on Islam meant for small children to serous works confirming to very high literary standards, catering to the needs and testes of intellectual and enlightened section of the society. Shanthi Prakashana has published volumes of Holy Qur’an, originally in Arabic, along with its translation, commentary and explanatory notes in Kannada language for the benefit of over 50 million Kannadigas world over. This step has been welcomed and widely appreciated by all quarters as a great and historic contribution enriching the area of Kannada literature. In fact almost all publications of this organization have won the admiration of noted literary personalities and institutions of Karnataka…

Apart from the rich list of books published already to present the massage of Islam in its true perspective Muslims and non Muslims, there are numerous titles presently under print and are getting ready to hit the market.

Shanthi Prakashana is not a mere project oriented commercial organization. Ensuring true and comprehensive well being of the society, the nation and of humanity and establishing truth, justice, equality, morality, peace and mutual trust by promoting religious values has always been the prime motive behind all the activities of this organization.

My Allah help us to achieve our goals.