The women’s struggle for emancipation that raged in the modern era has changed the tale of inequity and exploitation of women in its narrative but its essence remains the same. The predicament of the modern women is not much different from that of her predecessors. In consequence of this, the period came to assume a special significance in the history of the woman of this coastal District of Karnataka as the band of enlightened men and women took a momentous decision to establish a women’s monthly, with the objective of educating and uplifting the status of women. The magazine named ‘Anupama’ was established in the year 2000 to promote healthy journalism as a revolt against the prevailing filthy journalistic trend. Its motto is to empower women and to reaffirm their faith in the ideals.

Though the constitutional and legislative enactments proclaim an equal status to women; most women are unaware of it. The chief task of the magazine is to create an awareness of women’s legitimate rights and latent potentials. The traditional and cultural values are also given great importance.

This Magazine is headed by Mrs. Shahnaz M., the famous Kannada writer. Who’s missionary zeal and commitment gave it a firm founding. Mrs. Ayesha Bharathi Bhadravathi was appointed as honorary Editor. There are seven members in the Editorial Board. Sajida Momin, Sameena, Sabeeha Fathima, Shahida U, Kulsum Aboobaker Udupi, and Rahina Thokkottu.

Within a short period the magazine scaled the heights of success and became the well known magazine among the kannada knowing mass. It bears the name of one of the greatest champions of women’s emancipation and is designed and moulded by women with various capacities, serving the cause of women. For its uniqueness it is aptly named ‘Anupama’. The magazine is adhered to its particular ideals and abide to the farsighted initiative of its founders. The team of Anupama works with a zeal and missionary spirit.

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