Quran, the only source of guidance: Lal Husain

Muddebihal: The major problem that haunts humans today is lack of peace of mind. The root cause for this according to Mr. Lal Husain Kandgal is lack of faith and belief in one God.  While delivering the discourse of the holy Quran in a public programme here, Mr. Husain said it is quite but natural that for smooth functioning of any system it should have one chief and one head. The universe is also functioning flawless because it is run by one God.  Correlating the teachings of the Quran on monotheism he said if there were to be more than one God there would have been chaos all over. Speaking in aesthetic Kannada before a huge audience, Mr. Husain emphasized over the need of God consciousness and following the footsteps of noble prophets. He also highlighted importance of belief in the life hereafter. It regulates the human character and behavior significantly, he said. Shri Basavajaya Mrityunjay Swami said till the day we have watched Islam and Quran in Arabic only, this is the first time we got the opportunity to understand Quran in Kannada at our own place. We are thankful to Jamaat-e-Islami Hind through this event our misunderstandings about Islam got clarified. The discourse commenced with the Quranic recitation by Hafizullah Shareef. Abdul Razak Ghati delivered inaugural speech and Ayub Maniyar welcomed & thanked all.

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  1. realy peace fungtion
    May 21, 2011 at 9:18 pm #

    kuran pervacan its mean peace about all religion . many of funtion conduct to
    miss guideins for another Rilegion but people knows the truth about the politecs of rilegion so pls pls conduct this type of pervacan so peace for all human being ……..

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