Public Kannad Quran Discourse at Bijapur

Bijapur: “Humanity has to grow and everyone has to survive religiously” said Joint Secretary Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Karnataka Muhammad Kunni.

He was speaking in the Quran Discourse in Kannada programme held at Kandagal Hanumanta Raya Rangamandira Bijapur organized by Manava Hakku Kalyana Mandali Bijapur and Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Bijapur on January 9, 2012.

He said “Inculcate habit of respecting elders loving youngers. Live with mutual trust. Distrust, roomer, fraud are the habit of irreligious. Holy Quran is reviled for humankind and not only for Muslims. Human has engage himself in charity and good deeds. Live with love and belief. Do not give importance for luxurious life. Control your anger, emotion and jealousy for success in life”.

Basava Mrityunhjaya Swamiji expressed his views as “Prophet Muhammad was prominent by his qualities of tolerance, cooperation and mercy in the world. The model principles of Bhagwan Budha, Mhaveera, Basavanna, Kanaka Daasa, Mother Theresa, Swami Vivekananda are ideal for all of us. Glorious Quran expounds the ideology of equality. We all should make our lives peaceful by understanding religious scripture completely”.

State Manava Hakku Kalyana Mandali president Hashim Peera Walikara said “Richness and wealth is not forever greatness of heart is forever. We have to introspect ourselves. Don’t be jealous about one another. We should live in brotherhood. By recognizing India as country with diversity, socializing with it we have to live by understanding the gist of religious scriptures”.

“Keep away from Envy and anger. One who misleads the society and has luxurious life is not powerful but who control his anger is really powerful” said Professor Ujwala Saranada Gawda Principal of Shri Sidehvara Law College.

Professor Abdul Rahiman and Vijaya Kumar ware the guest and Muhammad Yusuf Kanni presided.

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