Only Islamic principles ensure repression-free society: Moulana Siraj Qasmi

IMG_5826Bhatkal: Only an Islamic way of family life ensures that no member of society is left downtrodden or oppressed said Moulana Ahmed Siraj Umri Qasmi Principal of Riyaz-ul-Uloom Hubli while inaugurating the campaign to promote Islamic ethics and values among Muslim households of the town by Bhatkal Unit of the Jamaat e Islami Hind on 23 June 2013. The initiative is the part of state-level campaign ‘Let us make our homes Islamic’ that is being observed by the Karnataka Zone of the Jamaat.

Explaining the benefits of an Islamic way of life, Moulana stressed the importance of bringing up children with the Islamic principles and values.

He further said that the current education system is corrupting the young minds and they are trained to believe themselves as primates and slaves of carnal desires.

The children are being ensnared in the net of immodesty by the advent of the internet; thus it’s very essential to impart Islamic teachings in order to stop mis-utilization of the technology, he said.

“We need to set up educational institutions wherein children could be nurtured on Islamic principles. Apart from that, the environment at home too plays a significant role in determining the child’s future. The parents should also observe Islamic rules in their lives.” he added.

IMG_5854Suggesting approaches to divert children’s attention from the attractive kind of evils and falsehood, Moulana said that instead of barring children down-rightly from any evil, it is better to present them an alternative of virtuous nature.

Explaining that the erroneous upbringing of women in Europe has portrayed devastating effects in the society, Moulana said that girls should be brought up with special care and love. Their upbringing in a proper way is very essential in these days, he said.

The programme commenced with the recitation of verses from the holy Qur’an by Yusuf Zubair SM. Mr. Abdul Gaffar Hamid Umri delivered the inaugural address while regional leader of Jamaat, Moulana Zubair SM presided over the function. Mr. Qamaruddin Mashaikh compered the programme.

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