Muslim Personal Law: Awareness in the Community, need of the hour


Gulbarga: The Fear of Allah SWT and the accountability in the hereafter are the indicators of a firm believer, which are exposed at every movement with his actions in day to day life. To earn the pleasure of Allah and the best of bounties in the hereafter, one must inculcate the true fear of Allah and the fear of accountability before him. These were the words expressed by Moulvi Mohammed Faheemuddin, Bidar, while delivering the Concluding address at the end of a daylong city conference at Mohammad Hussain Function Hall, Gulbarga on Sunday the 29th January 2017.

The program was organized by Local unit of Jamaat e Islami Hind under the theme “The Family System in Islam”. For this he said, one should have strong belief that we cannot take anything from this world. Quoting the gist of saying of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), he said every person has three associates in the form of relatives & Friends, his wealth and his deeds. It is the deeds of a person only go along with him to the grave. Therefore, we should do good deeds.

Earlier in the morning session, speaking on “Challenges faced by Muslim Personal Law” Moulvi Mohammed Faheemuddin, said, normally challenges will be either internal or external. External challenges are visible, they can be tackled. But the internal challenges are like the snake within your sleeves. The community should look into them. Today, he said the Umma is leading its life way away from the preaching of Islam. This menace can be handles only with the adoption of all the teachings of Islam as enshrined in Quran and sunnah in day today life including family matters.

The program was started with the Quranic Reminder based on the verse 21 of Chapter Ar-rum, by Mr Abdul Mannan Ali. He said, among the many signs of Allah SWT in the nature the creation of your mates from your own kind, so that you may get peace in them, is also the sign of Allah SWT. He said, since every human being been provided with its mate, but their mating should be legalized by Nikah. He spoke on the out of marriage relationships like live-in-relationships, and harm it is doing to the society where it is prevailed.

While delivering the inaugural address, Mr Zakir Hussain, President, Jamaat e Islami Hind, Gulbarga, said, it is for the second time in the city such awareness program is being organized, so that the Umma is made aware about the Islamic Family system. He expressed his concern at the efforts being made in the country to being in uniform civil code. He said, to counter it we should follow the Islamic teachings in all spheres of life.

Speaking on “The Importance of Nikah in Islam”   Mohammed Mazharuddin, said, Islam never allows a man or women to lead life without getting married. It is, he said Allah SWTs decree and the Sunnah of all prophets. Prophet Muhammad pbuh instructed the youth to get married. It not only protects him/her from indecency with other sex, but helps in the formation of pious society. It is the natural urge of a human beings, should be encouraged only through the institution of marriage. It will help in the continuation of human race.

Talking on the topic “Talaaq & Khula: Why and How?”, Mr Mohammed Ziaullah said  it was the talk of the town in the country before the implementation of Demonetization. Compatriots in the country feel that with the option of Talaaq to men, women are more vulnerable and insecure. He said, this is mainly due to the lack of awareness among the Muslims and as a result, triple talaaq is exercised. He said, should the right method is adopted as prescribed by Holy Quran and Sunna, the chances of married couple getting separated will almost reduce to none. He said, Islam envisages its believers to create such an atmosphere in the family life that hate redness never get the chance to develop. He said with all such precautions, should the differences develop between husband and wife; detailed steps are to be followed before exercising talaaq.

The afternoon session was started with the Hadeed discourse by Mr Mohammed Azmatullah Khan, on “Family Life of Prophet pbuh”. He enlightened the audience with different aspect of Prophet Muahmmad pbuh when he is in his house. He said, he never took help for his personal needs, instead, he used to help family members in their work. He slept on simple mat, whose mark could be seen on his shoulders. He never complained on quality of food served, whatever is served, he ate. He had many patches on his clothes. His life is a set example to emulate.


Speaking on “Distribution of Patrimony” Mr Syed Tanveer Hashmi said, it is unfortunate that the Umma, which has been given complete & clear cut guidelines about the distribution of property after the death of a person, it is not following. He said, a person is duty bound in offering Namaaz & Zakaat, fasting and performing Hajj will never escape entering the hell should he does not follow Islamic guidelines in distributing property. He said, once a person dies leaving property in different forms, the final rituals of Tajheed & Takfeen should be completed, and then his loan, which he had on his head, be repaid. Only than the rights of dependents arises out of left over. Quoting the act of Prophet Muhammed pbuh, Tanveer Hashmi said that, Prophet pbuh, never use to lead Namaaz e Janaza of a dead person, until he gets assurance that the deceased had no loans over his head.

Mr Syed Abdul Sattar, while speaking on “The Rights of Husband and Wife” said, Islam has clear cut roles for both husband and wife. Whoever follows them will never face differences in family matters. He said it is the duty of the Husband to Pay Mahr to his wife, look after all her financial requirement, respect her feelings. On the other hand wife should be obedient to his husband and protect her honor in his absence and look after his children and house.

Br Siraj Ahmed Shahna, offered Naat in honor of Prophet Muhammad pbum.


Number of people including women attended the program.

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