Islamic Concept of Education: Connects man with his creator


“Quality education has not only become a fascinating subject in the modern era but has become a burning issue too. Everyone is interested in improving the standard of education. This issue gains importance whenever academic results are declared in Northern Karnataka”. These were the words expressed by Mukhtar Ahmed Kotwal, State President, All India Ideal Teachers Association, Karnataka on his presidential address at a seminar on “Quality Education”. The seminar was a part of the half day workshop for teachers organized by the District AIITA at Hidayath Center Gulbarga.


Continuing his address he said, “Quality education is usually associated with the degree a person earns; becoming a doctor, earning a doctorate, attaining an important position etc. It was the requirement of the British as a guiding factor while formulating educational policies during the British era. But now, it is Capitalism which is molding the educational policy. The result is that we are only able to produce great technocrats but we are unable to inculcate values and character in human lives. There is a feeling that an era has come where in we need a society of learned literates. Therefore we see that a policy of failing a pupil has been done away with.

While expressing the concept of education in Islam, he said, Education in Islam has a clearly defined objective. It encourages an individual, with the quality education, to contribute to the society during his lifetime so that one gets rewarded in the hereafter. Unfortunately, the current education system is devoid of this concept. Under these circumstances, it becomes a challenge to parents, teachers and educational institutions that they make the pupil a positive and constructive contributor to the society.

Altaf Amajd from Basavakalyan, Syed Nusrat Ali and Khalid Parwaz from Gulbarga, spoke on the topics, The Importance & Requirements of Quality Education, Challenges before imparting Quality Education and Road Map to Quality Education respectively.

Mohammed Asifuddin Bidar, Member, State Advisory Council, Board of Islamic Education Karnataka, speaking on the topic “Changing Educational Scenario & Responsibilities of Teachers”, explained in detail about the changes made in educational policies from the British period to the recent past. He said, the present Government formulated its educational policy and made it available to public in the form of 16 concept papers for opinion. But unfortunately, it is already in the process of its implementation without making an official declaration. Under such circumstances, teachers should have clear concept in their mind about their position in the world as envisaged in Islam. He said, man is the Khalifa (Ambassador) of Allah SWT, and he is bound to execute this responsibility.  He expressed his deep concern about the fact that from nursery to Ph.D a student never comes across the concept of Allah, his prophets and the life Hereafter. Thus he is free from the responsibilities associated with adopting these concepts. Result is that that we are becoming more and more materialistic.


Furqan Pasha, KES, Bidar spoke on “Teaching an Art” with Power Point Presentation. To inculcate competitiveness among teachers, to create better interactive environment in the class room, to gain confidence in the teaching profession, to identify and encourage individuality in pupils, to solve issues pertaining to art of teaching, it becomes a prerogative for a teacher to get acquainted with the art of teaching.

The program was started with the recitation of verses from The Holy Quran by Hafiz Sajjad Ahmed, Imam Masjid e Hidayath Center Gulbarga. Mohammed Muazzam, Regional Secretary, AIITA Gulbarga, while delivering inaugural address, spoke on the objectives of organizing such program. Ruknuddin Patel, City President AIITA Gulbarga concluded the program with vote of thanks. Huge numbers of teachers both men and women from the districts of Gulbarga and Bidar participated in the workshop.

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