Respecting children is must in building their personality

bie-nov-2016-1Gulbarga: Children on the one side are the best of the gifts from the almighty, and at the same time are the difficult trials for them. With the best of care and training they can become the means of rewards from the almighty, if not they may become a nuisance and harassment for the parents. These were the words expressed by Khalid Parwaz, member, State Advisory Council, Board of Islamic Education, Karnataka, while addressing the parents at International School, Gulbarga on Saturday the 26th November, 2016.

The up bringing of the children can only be possible if the due care is given to their dignity and honour. One should not impose decisions on children, while guiding the children; they should be enlightened about good and bad about certain things. Parent should always welcome their children to come with better ideas and suggestions. By doing so, they will be encouraging to take decisions on their own, which will help them in building their personality.

Khalid Parwaz said, parents should become best of facilitators to their children instead of finding faults with them. Scolding and finding faults will make the children to hate their parents, he said. It always advisable to parents to carefully listen to their children, encourage them to do good things, give a pat for doing every bit of good things. Khalid Parwaz advised the parents to create an atmosphere conducive to learning at home. Noise, disturbance and playing of TV at home will hinder the interest in learning. To inculcate values, good deeds and build better personality, parents should provide them literature along with academic requirements. And it is also important that the parents should have combined study with them. The Program was attended by considerable number of parents along the Head Miss and other teaching staff of the school.

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