Eid Kuta at Ron

Ron: The Zakath system of Islam is really pleasing. If rich provide one part of their wealth to poor that will really eradicated the poverty said Shri Prashant Waragappa Ron Taluk Tehsildar. He was addressing the Eid get together at Madina Masjid Ron organized by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Ron on 28-8-2012.

Shri Shankara M Ragi, CPI Ron, Shri Balappa Madara, DSS, M F Koppala, Shri Huchcachappa Navalgund, Vice President Town Corporation Ron, Maulana Muhammad Saleem Umri organisor JIH Dharwad region were present as guest in the programme.

While presiding the programme Lal Hussain Kandagal said “Festivals should be celebrated in fearless and happy atmosphere. Today some miscreants hijacked our festivals. Religion should be protected by these sellfish’s. Suspicion in the society is more dangerous than lie. God’s laws alone eradicate corruption if implemented rather than Lokpal or Janlokpal bill”.

Riyaz Ahmed president SIO Ron delivered inaugural address. K I Sheik recited verses from Quran and moderated the programme. Abu baker Tarafdar Organisor JIH Ron welcomed and Faiz Ahmed K thanked all.

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