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Bhatkal Springs into Action for the Campaign

Members of JIH, Bhatkal springs into action for the Nation Wide Campaign on “Peace and Humanity”, educated hundreds of students at Govt. Degree College, Janata Vidyalaya Shirali. Almost 500 non muslim students were also addressed...

Children Rally @ Hoode, Udupi

Hoode: We never chose our religion while we born. The religion that our parents practice becomes our religion. So while practicing our religion, it is our duty to respect the religions of others, said Padu Thonse grama panchayath member Gururaj...

A Class Lecture on “Peace and Humanity”

Members of the JIH of Basavana Bagewadi felt the need to enlighten the students about the importance of “Peace and Humanity” in order to bring a measurable change in the society. With the same vision, they conducted a class lecture...

Little Flowers Spreading the Message

Flowers of paradise spreading the message of “Peace and Humanity” through a rally organized by JIH in Hassan. Hundreds of tiny stars and cute little princesses took part in this rally with great joy and made this rally a successful...

Peace and Humanity at Talikot

Discussion on “Peace and Humanity” with the teachers was held at Tilakot. The main objective of having a discussion among teachers was that, in order to change the society, the most important part is to educate students. Hence the...

Public programme by JIH Shahbaad

The members of JIH, Shahbaad were seen sweating out at Govt. High School, Pethsirur for a public program on “Peace and Humanity”.              
Bidar Rally

Peace and Inter Community Rally

Bidar: The Peace and Humanity rally organised by the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind attracted a large number of students, heads of religious institutions, leaders of various communities and civil society members in Bidar on Wednesday. The serpentine...
Public Address

Campaign on “Peace and Humanity” @Basvakalyan

Some Highlights from Basavakalyan A committee from the various sects like Dalit, Lingayat, Karbaz, Ret Singha etc., Besides people from BJP, Congress, WPI, RSS, Doctors, Engineers etc., was formed and 65 people were shortlisted for the award.

JIH National wide Campaign on “Peace and Humanity”

    Qarya Qarya Gaun Gaun, Amn-o- Aman ke liye Badhte qadam. Members of Hunsur spreading the message of ” Peace and Humanity” in schools, mosques etc.,          

JIH Nation wide Campaign on “Peace and Humanity”

Jamaat officials of Gulbarga region met Shiv Shankar Swami ji for the introduction of the nation wide campaign on “Peace and Humanity” and invited him for his contribution for the same. Swamiji said, “I cannot forget the...