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Gadaga Iftar Party

Iftar Party by Hindu Muslims at Gadag

Physical and Mental satisfaction by fasting Gadaga: “Fasting observed by Muslims during the month of Ramadan is not only the way to please God but also helps to attain physical as well as spiritual peacefulness. Fasting is considered as a...
JIH Gadag Symposium Justice Sathish Sing  K I Sheikh Akber ali

Everyone should pledge against corruption: Justice Satish Singh

Gadag: Bribe giver and taker are equally condemnable.  Every one of us should pledge that he will abstain from bribe and will spread this message to others, said the District Magistrate Justice R J Satish Singh here. He was addressing a...

Ifthar Party At Gadag

Quan spreads economical equality along with human values said Laal Husain Kandagalla a spokes person of Jamaat e Islami Hind Karnataka in a joint Ifthar programme of Gadaga district Jamaat and police department on August 14 at Police Guest House...