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Iftar Koota Koppala

Corruption is the cause of Disaster: Lal Husain

Koppala: Corruption is the root cause for birth of Disaster. Fear of God only eradicate Corruption said Arabic lecturer of Ilkal Lal Hussain Kandagal. He was presiding the Ifthar Koota arranged by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Koppal at Shatabdi...
Ishak Puttur Delivering Kannada Quran Pravachan at Bagalkote

Quran Pravachan at Bagalkot

Bagalkot: A three day Quran discourse in Kannada held at Darbar Ground, Railway Station Road, Bagalkot on 18, 19 and 20 May 2012. The discourse was delivered by Ishaq Puttur on the Monotheism, Prophethood and Day of Judgement. Programme...
Quran Pravachan by Lalhusain Kandagal at Badami

Quran Parvachan at Badami

Badami: Quran Parvachan Programme held at Badami, Dist Bagalkot on 4,5 & 6 May 2012. It is a three day prog on the topic Tauheed, Risalat and Aakhirat. Lal Husain Kandagal delivered Quran discourse in Kannada to a huge gathering.
Muhammad Kunni delivering Quran discourse in kannada Maulana Sirajul Hasan can be seen

Religion should be part of every section of society – Laal Husain

Sindhnoor:  Today Religion is only limited to Namaaz, Roza, Zakath and Hajj, but as far as Marriage, business, dealings, relationships, economy and politics are considered, religion is not found. For the salvation of mankind it is important...
Mahmood Qazi Addressing Youth

Youth Meet at Bijapur

Bijapur. Though there are several threats to their life, property and dignity in this country still Muslims should protect their cultural identity, said Advocate Mahmood Qazi, vice president of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Bijapur unit. Addressing...

Mardan Ali Nishanis Demises

Gangawati: Former Nazim Halqa-e-Karkunan JIH Gangawati Mardan Ali Nishani passed away on 27 January 2012 after his prolonged ill health. 75 year old Mardan Ali left his six sons and two daughters. He was one of karkun who stated activities...
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Public Kannada Quran Pravachan at Talikote

Janab Muhammad Kunni delivering Kannada quran discourse at Talikote. Reputed swamijis of talikote and other guest could be seen on the stage.

Public Kannad Quran Discourse at Bijapur

Bijapur: “Humanity has to grow and everyone has to survive religiously” said Joint Secretary Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Karnataka Muhammad Kunni. He was speaking in the Quran Discourse in Kannada programme held at Kandagal Hanumanta Raya Rangamandira...
Exhibition Bijapur Jamaat

Exhibition & Symposium at Bijapur


Bijapur Jamaat Rally, submitted Memorandum to DC

Bijapur: A rally was organised by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Bijapur Headed by its president Abdul Rahman Nasir and many other personalities of all faith submitted a Memorandum demanding action on the burning issue of corruption on December 13, 2011....