Blind practice of western culture leading to moral degradation: Moulana Qasmi

YW GadagGadag: Blind practice of western culture and negation of religious values are leading the nation into moral degradation, said convener of Youth Wing Jamaat e Islami Hind Karnataka`, Moulana Azharullah Qasmi.

Moulana Qasmi was addressing the gathering of youths at a concluding programme of the weeklong campaign -Let your youth-hood be spotless- of the Youth Wing at Central Urdu High school here on 9 Feb. 14.

He further said, “Moral degradation is the gravest evil that our society is facing today. Pornography, nudity, unrestricted use of the internet, obscenity, rapes, atrocities on women, dowry harassment, smoking, drug addiction, gambling, time-wasting, interest based dealings, briber, and other evils have deviated the youths,”

While crime rate in India is rising day by day, obscenity is being spread through the media and internet, he said.

Quoting the reports he said that $3000 is being spent every second for the obscene literature. “Moral degradation has touched new low; Per second more than 28 thousand internet users visit porn and 12 percent of total websites carry porn contents with a annual profit of 13 million dollars,” he said.

He also said that the accused youths in the recent Mumbai rape incident were addicted to porn website. “These way youths are becoming more ignorant in the name of acquiring knowledge through internet and social networking sites; and lead obscene and futile way of life instead of decency and religious values,” he said.

Ismail Tarafdar and Riyaz Itagi explained the role of parents, guardians and religious heads towards awakening the youths in this regard.

Salinga Ragati, Akbarali Babarci, Riyaz Ahmed, Junaid Umachagi, Nasir Naregal, Sheikh Abdul Laphip, Rafique Abbigeri, Raja Khan Pathan, Rizwanwere also present on the occasion.

The programme commenced with the recitation of Quranic verses by Hafiz Mujiurrahman. In his introductory address, R. F. Kalmani,  District coordinator YW Gadag recounted his experience of district tour during the campaign. Saleem compered the programme; Muhammad Thousif delivered the vote of thanks. More than 20 youths donated the blood in the voluntary blood donation camp held aftermath.

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