All humankind is not Muslim but all Muslims are humankind: Khair-e-Ummat Campaign at Bhatkal

Bhatkal Feb 10:  Humankinds destiny & fortune is depended on Islamic community. Only Islamic community can fulfill the spiritual thrust of human kind. Today Human kind is needful of our help. As we have emotional attachment with brethrens of our country, by converting it into a religious attachment we can make a society better. It is a responsibility on us being a Khair-e-Ummat (better community) told president of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Karnataka & Goa Muhammad Abdulla Javed.

He was concluding the Khair-e-Ummat Public Programme organized by Jamaath-e-Islmi Hind Bhatkal here in Islamic Anglo Urdu high school ground.

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