A Muslim is bound by Islamic Sharia, No one has right to interfere in it.

Tafheem-16.04.2017Gulbarga: Islam preaches sovereignty of Allah in all spheres of life whether it is related to ones individual’s life or collective life. Whether it is related to family, society, economy or politics. Unfortunately this concept has completely diluted to such an extent that it has been restricted to Ibadat (forms of worship) like Namaaz, Fasting, Zakaat & Hajj. These were the words expressed by Jb Atherullah Sharief, while delivering his concluding address in an explanatory program organized by Jamaat e Islami Hind Gulbarga on 16th April 2017 at Hidayath Center in preparation to the forthcoming “Mulsim Personal Law Awareness Campaign”.

For a peaceful and prosperous society, Islam had given guidelines in the form of Sharia, but the most of its guidelines have left to be put to practice. Unfortunately, the Muslim Community is not aware of the grave mistake it is doing by not following the sharia. He said, the leading of our lives in accordance to Islamic Shari has been getting restricted to our family laws in our country. Now even that is being interfered by the Governments and the courts. Several amendments have been brought in Islamic Sharia silently. He expressed his sadness about the fact that innocent Muslims not only are following these amended laws but also approaching courts in such matters. Mr Atharullah Sharief expressed his anguish over the fact that the court have been issuing instructions to Governments in matter related to Islamic Sharia in cases which are nowhere related to Muslims are Islam.

He made it clear that the Islamic Sharia is not a creation of human beings. It is divine; the one who follows is Muslim. Those who want to bring change in it according to their whims and wishes can leave belief but he cannot change it.

Speaking on the downfall of Muslims with respect to adhering to Islamic Principals he said, they get anguished should somebody make remark on Islamic Sharia, but they are least bothered to implement it in their lives. It was our responsibility, he said to convey the true message of Islam to the fellow country man, but now we have lost that position deviation from its path.

Under these circumstances, it is our responsibility to create awareness among the Muslims to follow the principals of Islam.

Mr Syed Sajis Saleem, Member Advisory Council, JIH Gulbarga explained in detail about the programs planned for the forth coming “Muslim Personal Law Awareness Campaign” from April to 23rd April to 7th May 2017. During the campaign he said a Public Meeting on “Muslim Personal Law: Present Situation and our Responsibilities” and a Symposium on “Uniform Civil Code & Indian Society” will be organized on 30th April 2017. Similar program for women will be organized on 26th April 2017. Apart from these A Lawyers Meet, Ulema Meet, Women Dignitaries Meet will be arranged. Tea Parties and Corner meeting in different localities of the city will be conducted.

The program was started with the Quranic Discourse on Chapter Munafiqoon verse 5-8 by Mr Mohammed Azmathullah Khan.

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