Youth Meet at Bijapur

Bijapur. Though there are several threats to their life, property and dignity in this country still Muslims should protect their cultural identity, said Advocate Mahmood Qazi, vice president of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Bijapur unit. Addressing the youths in a Religious Awakening programme conducted by the Jamaat on March 8, Mr. Qazi said that even though it is moral, legal and constitutional right of Muslims like any other citizen, to protect their life, property, honour and dignity, but that is viable only when the government discharges its duty in this regard. How sad it is, he said, that 20 crore Muslims are tagged with terrorism and pushed in the witness box to defend themselves. Educated and promising Muslim youths are put behind the bars and their morale is hit hard, he added. Mr. Mahmood Qazi emphasised the community leadership to take those fellow countrymen into confidence who believe in law and justice and strive to check this growing menace. Mr. Mahaboob Ali Balagnur, principal Anjuman PU College, Sindgi and Prof. Nasir, city president of the Jamaat also spoke on the occasion.

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